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“A decades-spanning tale brimming with excitement, intrigue, and deception.”
– Alan Jacobson, USA Today bestselling author of The Lost Codex

“David McCaleb delivers with Reload! Red Harmon is a gritty hero who comes through in the clutch and McCaleb’s gripping plot is the stuff of today’s headlines. A must read for all fans of thriller fiction!” 
– A.J. Tata, National Bestselling Author of Besieged

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Cover RELOAD the novel, a military operator sighting down an M4

A Novel

Second in the RED OPS series.

The much-anticipated follow-up to the national bestselling novel, RECALL.

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Red Harmon is back in the line of fire . . .

Investigating threats against his family, Red discovers a plot bigger than himself, bigger than the Det, and one that seduces him into the remote snow-covered ravines of North Korea.  In a sinister twist, will his duty to country be pushed beyond the breaking point?

Caught in the danger . . .

A disenchanted North Korean prison guard, torn between loyalty to state and his own family, chooses the unthinkable to keep his sister and daughter alive.  Cooperating with the Det, every step grates against his patriotic allegiance and brings new realization of the true cost of his treason.  How far will he go to protect those he loves?

An electrical engineer responsible for the power grid of a data warehouse run by the Chinese Ministry of State Security wields more power than anyone could believe.  Little do they know how the atrocities of communist realignment still fester within his soul.  What is he willing to pay to satisfy his lust for revenge?

Sure to thrill…

These characters, their world views, and motives blend into a story both individual and corporate, a tale sure to thrill.  It is dedicated to those who, even this day, suffer in the North Korean gulags; and to the hundreds of thousands of individuals and families imprisoned, tortured, and killed within their electric fences.

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Cover RECALL the novel

8 replies on “RELOAD

  • Carol Boudreau

    I really enjoyed your first novel in this series, Recall, would like to be on your mailing list for future books in this series and others.

    • David McCaleb

      Carol, I am so glad you enjoyed it! You can add yourself to the mailing list by clicking on any of the SUBSCRIBE buttons on the website. I know there is one of those buttons on the blog page. Trust me, I always will post to the blog when the new book is about to be released. I promise not to fill your inbox with junk. Actually, my blog posts are coming sparsely these days, any extra time being taken by writing the next book in the series. The second book is already at the publisher, but will not be released until August 2017. I’m about three quarters of the way through the third book.

      • bryan st louis

        Just finished RECALL and it was one of the very best novels of it’s type, including many written by best selling authors. From your previous replies, I guess your third novel will be released in August 2018. Good luck with your writing career, you will bring pleasure to many readers.

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