Novels by David McCaleb

The RED OPS thriller series chronicles Red Harmon, an operator assigned to the Det, a dangerous fusion cell of intelligence agencies with the added teeth of tactical operations worldwide.

Cover RELOAD the novel, a military operator sighting down an M4


Second in the RED OPS series. The much-anticipated follow-up to the national bestselling novel, RECALL.

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“If you’re looking for suspense, nonstop action, and a hero you can root for, The Red Ops series will clean your X ring.” 
– David Poyer, author of TIPPING POINT and ONSLAUGHT  More Reviews

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Red Harmon is back in the line of fire . . .

Investigating threats against his family, Red discovers a plot bigger than himself, bigger than the Det, and one that seduces him into the remote snow-covered ravines of North Korea.  In a sinister twist, will his duty to country be pushed beyond the breaking point?

Caught in the danger . . .

A disenchanted North Korean prison guard, torn between loyalty to state and his own family, chooses the unthinkable to…   Read More

Cover Recall a novel, with look inside text, military operator with assault rifle


Nominated for the International Thriller Writers Best First Novel Award

National Bestseller! 

First in the RED OPS series.

“A fantastic read that I could not put down.”  
– Marc Cameron, NYT Bestselling Author of BRUTE FORCE.  More Reviews

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Available in eBook, paperback, and audio book at:
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Booksellers:  Available through Ingram and Random House.

Meet Red Harmon, a father and husband, who kills two muggers while defending his family in a parking lot. He acts instantly, with skillful violence, but minutes later remembers none of it.

Recall is a journey of discovery – a mystery and thriller. As Red digs deeper, a past hidden even from himself emerges and threatens to tear apart his life and compromise national security. Once an elite military operator with the Det, a fusion cell of intelligence agencies and Special Forces, his active service was complete.

But his memory is returning, a lethal killing machine is awakening, and Red is returning to duty…  Read More