Our Coffee Philosophy

Roast it slow. BREW IT STRONG!

One can never whittle down to a simple sound bite why a particular book is a pleasure to read.  If that were the case, everyone would be a writer.  Similarly, creating a superior brew requires passion, creativity, and discipline.  I chose Buena Vista Coffee Company as the roaster for Writer’s Brew Coffee because of their passion and dedication to their art.

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It starts with 100% certified organic Arabica beans. Located deep in the Rocky Mountains at 8,000 feet above sea level, in a low humidity environment, the roaster resides in the perfect setting to tease out all the beans’ hidden flavors. Lower heat is required, lengthening the roast and fully developing the coffee’s taste.

coffee quality control

Quality Control

The entire process is tightly managed. Weight loss and drop temperature are constantly supervised. Pour-overs are performed for every batch. Having personally visited the roaster, I can attest to this truth. Workers zipped around the floor like hummingbirds on Red Bull. Call it an employee perk or quality control, it all means your coffee receives the attention it deserves.

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Coffee is a natural product and, as such, quality degrades with storage time. That is why all coffee is shipped directly from the roaster. Although we love large orders, we suggest ordering no more than can be consumed in four to six weeks. Coffee on most store shelves is well beyond that age.

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Whole bean coffee keeps best and can produce the most flavorsome results. However, grind is very important to coffee taste. If you order pre-ground coffee, rest assured it is processed just before shipment. Also, the roaster’s grinder is much more precise than many at home, producing a consistent product.

Keep Calm and Drink Coffee

Avoid Over-Roasted Beans

Each roast should maximize the beans’ potential and leave them with a beautiful matte brown finish. Over-roasting beans degrades their taste and alters chemical composition. They often appear dark and shiny. This sheen is a result of cooking the oils out of the bean. This oil is a product of nature and thus, in time, will go bad. For darker coffees, some oils will always be expressed, but quality roasting should minimize this tendency.

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Our Philosophy

Don’t settle for burnt beans and bitter taste. The best way to enjoy a strong, flavorful mug is to brew it that way. Start by using more coffee. That’s why all our bags are a full 16 ounces, 33% larger than most store bags. Still want a stronger cup? Adjust your brewing method or grind. Reference our instructions on How to Brew Coffee.

Our philosophy?  It’s simple:  Roast is slow. BREW IT STRONG!